Educational operating system ROS/Linux

Publication of educational ROS/Linux operating system.

ROS-0.1 ROS-0.2-01 ROS-0.2-02 Embedded Stack
ROS/Linux is Opie environment, which uses QtEmbedded library, in buildroot system with Linux kernel. ROS 0.2 was built to run on x86 processors, starting from i586. QtEmbedded uses the framebuffer, which excludes the Xlib/Xserver system. test-fb.c

ROS/Linux logotype. Symmetrical image of lemon by quarter reflection.

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Colors #e8e800, #f7f619, #f9f980 from free images resource. Richard Stallman Compiler gcc 2.7. Work with make. Russian buildroot translate.

Linux encyclopedia. Linux configuration parameters. Inside the Linux boot process.

System monitor Conky. Management fonts in Linux. logo logo logo